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Who Would You Do?

you slut

who would you do?
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This is a game. It is called "Who would you do?" Just look at the choices and choose who you most want to have sex with. Give us a reason why, too. And make it clever or we will cum on your face.

And no fair saying "I would rather just die" because that is cheating and it isn't true, anyways. You would totally have sex with anyone or anything to save your own life, you dirty whore. If you say you would rather just die, you are not only BORING you are a LIAR and we HATE YOU. You also can't say "both" because that is just too damn slutty and we don't want you infesting our community with crabs or some shit.

Also no fair suggesting alternatives, because the point of the game is having to make a difficult decision and if you pick someone or something who is not one of the choices then you are CORRUPTING THE INTEGRITY OF THE GAME.

It is OK to post dirty or disturbing pictures but only behind a cut, with a warning. Because sometimes people are trying to look at their friends page while their moms are in the room, OK? That being said, don't join this community if you are under 16 or are easily offended. JUST DON'T.

We don't want to hear about your stupid community. NO lame promos. ALL OTHER COMMUNITIES BESIDES THIS ONE ARE STUPID! So don't advertise on our turf, got it?

FINALLY there will be absolutely NO promotion of marine mammals of any kind in this community! Why? BECAUSE ONE OF THE MODERATORS HATES THEM SO BAD!!!!! And it disgusts her to even think about any marine mammal except baby seals! Yes she even hates dolphins! SO DON'T EVEN MENTION NO MAMMALS THAT LIVE UNDER THE SEA, BUSTER!

One of the moderators will TOTALLY ban you if you break any of those rules. We will ban you so hard, you will wish we hadn't banned you so hard.